Willelaine Aromatherapy

Essential Oil Sleep Diffuser Drops



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    Willelaine Aromatherapy Sleep Diffuser Drops harness pure Australian essential oils of lavender and cedarwood to help you get into the sleep zone. This calming aroma is grounding and assists you before sleep so that you can wind down in those times where it is hard to switch off.

    This soothing aroma will travel through your home, leaving a sleepy vibe. Hand batched with love on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, these oils are 100% natural, made from 100% Pure Australian essential oils. 100% Australian family owned and Australian made. The perfect little gift for you when you need some self care.

    Why we love it

    • 100% natural, 100% Australian and hand blended with love on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland
    • Helps you find your deepest and most peaceful sleep
    • Natural aromas of lavender and cedarwood help you drift off to sweet dreams
    • Easy to use in a diffuser, on a handkerchief close by to inhale, or in a washing machine when washing your sleepwear, for an extra deep sleep
    • Luxe, beautiful and inexpensive


    Essential Oil Blend: Lavender and cedarwood

    Our stamp of approval

    • Australian Made
    • Australian Owned
    • Female Owned
    • Gives Back
    • Sustainable
    • Ethical
    • Vegan
    • Organic

    Meet Willelaine Aromatherapy

    Willelaine Aromatherapy was created by a super boss babe who decided that essential oils should be made available at an affordable price point and needed to look and feel luxe too. Organic, and hand batched with love on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland this is ethical, vegan and smells divine.