The Commonfolk Collective

Incense Ritual Stick - Palm Desert



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    Improve the health of your mind and soul, and sink deep into tranquility with our calming incense. For the purification of the soul and air, to increase positive energy and drive away negative energy. These gorgeous Ritual Sticks in "Palm Desert" are hand dipped in their signature Australian made fragrances oils of Sandalwood and Patchouli.

    Pack includes: 30 individual Ritual Sticks.

    Burn Time: Sticks burn for approximately 1 hour.

    Directions: Light the end of the stick so a flame catches and then blow out the flame. The embers will slowly smolder and produce the fragrance and smoke.

    Warnings: Never leave unattended. Burn over a heat resistant surface and keep away from things that catch fire, drapes + curtains etc. Do not burn near a draft or wind for safety, this will also make it burn too quickly. Make sure flame is out and only leave to smolder. To extinguish dip in water or press top against hard heat resistant surface.

    Why we love it

    • 100% hand dipped in Australian fragrance oil
    • Increase positive energy and drive away negative energy
    • For the purification of the soul and air
    • All Australian and female owned

      Our stamp of approval

      • Australian Owned
      • Female Owned
      • Ethical

      Meet The Commonfolk Collective

      The Commonfolk Collective was founded by a super mumma of three and local Mornington Peninsula babe, Fibi. The Commonfolk candles made with Australian made, renewable natural, creamy pure soy + coconut wax, with no nasty chemicals or toxins. Their small amber jars are made using recycled wine glasses, and their packaging materials are 70-100% recycled and fully recyclable. The fragrances they develop are sophisticated and complex and it's why we love them.