Love Tea

Digestive Organic Loose Leaf Tea 60g



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    Love Tea Digestive Organic Loose Leaf Tea has been carefully created to offer support for digestion. Naturopath selected, this blend of organic herbs including fennel, aniseed and lemon balm offers therapeutic qualities that have traditionally been used to support and repair the digestive system.

    This is a subtle and light treat, to gently refresh and sooth. A sweet mint base is perfectly paired with a vitalising zest of ginger. Being caffeine free, you can go ahead and enjoy it in the later parts of the day too.

    Ingredients and brewing

    Peppermint, ginger, licorice root, aniseed, lemon balm, fennel, chamomile.

    Brewing: Place a heaped teaspoon (2.5 grams) of tea per cup (250ml) into a teapot or infuser. Add filtered water at 75ºc–85ºc and allow to infuse for 3–5+ minutes. Strain the tea and serve.

    Why we love it

    • A soothing combination of organic peppermint, ginger, licorice root, aniseed, lemon balm, fennel, and chamomile
    • Naturopath formulated certified organic blend
    • One of the most environmentally friendly luxe gifts on the market
    • A really easy way to practice self care

      Our stamp of approval

      • Organic
      • Australian Owned
      • Sustainable
      • Ethical
      • Gives Back
      • Carbon Offset
      • 1% for the Planet

      Meet Love Tea

      Australian owned and designed by two naturopaths, this family owned business produces some of Australia's best certified organic teas. They have a very strong sustainable and ethical ethos, their packaging is completely biodegradable and their teas are absolutely lovely - they are 1% for the Planet members, are currently working with Greening to become carbon offset and are working with B Corp to add to their growing list of business eco credentials. That is pretty impressive!