Reusable Grocery Bags - Organic Cotton 2 Pack



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    Kappi has brought us the ultimate in reusable produce bags with these 100% organic cotton mesh bags that will hold double the amount of one standard plastic grocery bag without damaging the planet. These reusable produce bags are perfect for a wide-range of groceries - they have a slight stretch and last the distance. Get rid of the plastic bags for good.

    Why we love it

    • They hold all the produce and grocery items you need with a slight stretch
    • 100% organic cotton, so no nasties on your food or the planet
    • Designed and owned by an Australian brand passionate about our planet

      Our stamp of approval

      • Australian Owned
      • Eco Friendly
      • Sustainable
      • Ethical
      • Female Owned
      • Organic

      About Kappi

      Kappi is a Melbourne brand dedicated to helping the world become sustainable with their eco friendly and sustainable products. Kappi have gone to a great deal of effort to ensure their manufacturing chain adheres to sustainable practices, and that the people involved in the creation of their products are treated ethically.