Halo and Horns

Bamboo Sock Pack - 3 Pairs - Evergreen



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    These gorgeous and soft bamboo socks in the gorgeous print Meadow is the perfect gift for a new baby and mum. The bamboo is soft and breathable, and perfect for your little one's toes.

    Small - 9cm length
    Medium - 11cm Length
    Large - 14cm Length

    Why we love it

    • Beautiful, soft bamboo fabric
    • Gorgeous gender neutral earthy tones
    • Made by an Australian family owned brand focusing on organic and bamboo materials

      Our stamp of approval

      • Australian Owned
      • Organic
      • Sustainable
      • Eco Friendly

      Meet Halo and Horns

      Halo and Horns is a popular Australian baby clothing brand, that focuses on organic and bamboo fabrics. Their bamboo blends are grown without pesticides and chemicals, require no irrigation and are harvested frequently due to it's rapid growth. Bamboo also breaks down quicker than most other materials once it is turned into fabric. It is also super snuggly and soft on your babies skin - and for those with sensitivities, is also hypoallergenic.