Our Ethos

Navy Trader Co is a female-founded company who believe in a brighter future.

We created this space to champion businesses working hard to look after people and planet. We love every single brand and product we offer and we’re excited to be able to share them with our customers.

Pink tinged sunset over a beach

Green palm fronds against pink wall

Ocean waves lapping on the sand


We support Australian brands that practice sustainable business, and beyond that here at Navy Trader Co, we also make a big effort to always consider our eco footprint. We engage local Australian businesses who share our ethos for all of our packaging, right down to the (biodegradable) sticky tape. All of our printed materials use 100% post consumer card stock with non toxic dyes. If we can't reuse something, we use recycled, compostable or biodegradable materials depending on what needs shipping. Speaking of shipping, ours is 100% carbon offset either via the carrier or by direct donation to our Green Fleet partnership.


We partner with Australian businesses who exhibit ethical and fair trade standards within their manufacturing chains – in relation to both people and the planet. Our brands are either already at a high standard with certifications or have openly dedicated themselves to elevate these standards within their business practice. Here at Navy Trader Co, we hold ourselves accountable to this standard and acknowledge every person who plays an important role in the running of our community. 


Many of our Australian brands use certified organic materials and ingredients. This means that the ingredients have been farmed in a way where ethical treatment of humans is met, no negative impacts to the planet are felt, and no toxins are present in those materials and ingredients. It is important to consider that certification is an expensive undertaking here in Australia, and can be the make or break for some small businesses. In these cases, we carefully consider the ingredients that are used and we’re happy to support these often hand made or small batch Australian traders who use certified organic ingredients in place of carrying the certification themselves.

Giving Back

Most of our Australian traders give back to the community in the form of monetary donations. Sometimes it is in the form of goods or services, and occasionally it is even by starting their own foundations. We feel good knowing that when we purchase stock a portion is going towards social enterprise and creating more opportunity for other people, and our environment. Additionally, we donate 5% of our profits to select Australian charities each financial quarter. This quarter, we are supporting Act for Kids, a Queensland-based charity that is doing crucial work with children and families in order to prevent child abuse and neglect during a critical time with the pressures that COVID19 has created. 

Women Supporting Women

Navy Trader Co was created by two mums, during a time when they unexpectedly went back into COVID19 lockdown on the Mornington Peninsula. Both homeschooling the older kids and caring for a collective six children, working around these demands required tenacity and perseverance, and nothing provides more satisfaction than supporting other mums and families on the same journey. Many of our brands are founded by and run by women, and we love being part of the wonderful community we have created. Seeing our traders succeed is one of the most satisfying parts.